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The world of Ayrala is in chaos after the attack of a massive Orc Army.

Once magnificent cities and towns now lay in waste as the endless sea of orc’s march across the land.

They came from seemingly nowhere, from beyond even the bravest adventurers have dared to go.

Some dare try to traverse the tremendous Sorcurse Mountains to the west in hope of reaching new land, rumored to be a bountiful paradise. Even more have decided to abandoned cities all together in order to avoid the orcs.

Trade is all but stopped and word travels slow and sometimes proves false. Water and food are becoming a growing necessity, although rain season is not far off, they need to find a way to survive until then.

Ayrala has been divided into three regions each claiming to be the new ruler of the land. The increasing power of The Entrels in the east, The war-torn land of The Felkosh, and the waterless region ruled by The Gornahs

Main Page

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